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Natural Cassava Flour


Excellent for Baking and Cassava Meal. This product is free from Additives, fertilizers and chemicals. Cassava is rich in energy and minerals.

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Facts: Rich in energy and minerals.

Usage: Baking and Cassava Meal

Free From:  Additives, fertilizers and chemicals

Vegetarian: Suitable for vegetarians, children and babies from 6 months old.

Allergy warning: Cassava contains complex sugar and may not be suitable for diabetics. This product is processed and packed in the factory that also processes: Peanuts, Sesame, and Maize.

Recipe Suggestion

Cassava pancakes topped with Peanut Butter

Makes 10 pan round cakes

Ingredients: 500g Cassava flour; 2 peeled ripe sweet bananas; 250ml of cold water or Milk; Sunflower oil for shallow frying

Method: (1) – Blend the bananas and water until mixture is smooth.

(2) – Pour into in mixing bowl, add the cassava flour and knead the flour into thick dough. Add more flour if desired.

(3) – Place the dough on rolling board or surface and flatted the dough with a rolling stick until it is about 1inc thick.

(4) – Use a tea cup to cut the dough into neat round shape.

(5) – Pour 400 ml of sunflower oil in a small deep pan and heat the oil on a moderate heat. Caution: Do not make the oil piping hot.

(6) – Gently place the cake dough into the pan using and cook until golden brown on both sides.  Top with peanut butter.

Recommended: Try our Natural Cassava to make food.

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Additional information

Weight 1000 g

Typical values per 100g, Energy 358 (kcal), Carbohydrates 88.69 (g), sugar 3.35 (g), Protein 0.19 (g),
Calcium 20 (mg), Iron 1.58 (mg), Gluten 0.029 (mg).


Store in a cool dry place. Once opened, keep in an airtight container or bag.


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